Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Mortgage Loan Originating (RMLO)

Also referred to as the “Act” is a massive piece of legislation passed by Congress in 2010 to put an end to predatory lending practices focusing on the extension of loans to those who cannot afford to pay them back. The “Act” requires more disclosures and better protects the buyers

Residential Mortgage Loan Originator

An RMLO is a state licensed individual who takes a mortgage loan application, or offers and/or negotiates the terms of a residential mortgage loan on behalf of a lender

Also known as seller financing or seller carry-back, is similar to conventional home financing, except the property owner, rather than a bank provides the financing directly to the buyer

Also known as TILA, protect consumers from unfair credit practices by requiring creditors and lenders to pre-disclose to borrowers certain terms, limitations, and provisions, such as the APR, duration of the loan, and the total costs of a loan.

The process of evaluating a loan application to determine the risk involved for the lender. Underwriting involves an analysis of the borrower’s creditworthiness and the quality of the property itself.

Minimum 10 days. 3/7/3 rule is covered under Mortgage Disclosure Improvement Act and is best described as follows: Initial disclosures given 3 business days after receipt of application, closing permitted 7 days after that, and an additional 3 business day wait if corrected disclosures have to be issued

Note Servicing

A note servicing company can make sure that your borrowers are paying you on time. They collect payments, record each of them including escrow amounts and disbursements accordingly so there’s less chance for errors or lost paperwork

If you’re the type of investor who owner-finances properties and desires to be hands-off, then a note servicing company is right for you. A note servicing company handles all aspects of the collections process, allowing the lender to focus on other productive tasks.

Investor Note Servicing offers detailed services for both the lenders and borrowers.

  • Monthly Payments are Collected
  • 24/7 access to your account
  • Daily payment processing
  • (ACH) direct deposit to Lender’s Account
  • Accurate records of all payments made and disbursed
  • Track escrow payments in real time
  • Serve notices to pursue late payments to minimize losses
  • Provide year-end financial accounting required for IRS
  • Year-end Escrow Analysis completed on each property
  • Routine or Impromptu Property Inspection
  • Have a Special Request. Let Us Know!

No, Investor Note Servicing does not report to the credit bureaus. 

Yes, borrowers can make their payments using our online portal

Investor Note Servicing allows for multiple payment options including personal check/money order, online payments, phone payments, credit card payments and automatic monthly debits.

You may log on to your account at our website to view your payment history or contact us to request a payment history.